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Nov 29, , it varies according to OS, most OS., 2010 A 32 bit JVM process can have a theoretical max heap size of 4 GB based on simple unsigned arithmetic However

Jvm options xmx.

I m an Engineer by profession, the largest free blogging technical resource site for beginners., LLC, Blogger by passion Founder of Crunchify Following are few options available to change Heap Size Xms set initial Java heap sizeXmx set maximum Java heap sizeXss set java thread stack size.

This document is a summary , outline of Sun s document: Tuning Garbage collection with the 1 4 2 Hotspot JVM located here:.

If garbage collection becomes a bottleneck, you will most likely have to customize the total heap size as well as the sizes of the individual generations.
This tutorial covers the basics of how Garbage Collection works with the Hotspot JVM Once you have learned how the garbage collector functions, learn how to monitor
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