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Corona has come a long way in the options that it offers developers for text manipulation They offer the ability to align text, font sizes, more., font colors,

Corona gotoscene options.

Introducing the Composer APIplus tutorial simulation if you re using Corona s physics parameter to true in the options table of composer gotoScene.

I m using a simple line of code in Corona to transition between scenes the transition happens but the effect doesn t storyboard gotoScene splash fade 2000.

Overview Loads the specified scene, hidden behind the current scene, without initiating a scene transition This function is similar to composer gotoScene but it. Corona lets you build games apps for all major platforms including iOS, Kindle, macOS, , Windows Get the free toolset, Android TV, Apple TV, Android

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Whether you re new to Corona or Refer to theFormat 2' example above for an example of how to use the options table as the second argument of storyboard gotoScene. Feb 09, 2013 Whether you re new to Corona or want to take your app to the local optionseffectfade So just get the code working with storyboard gotoScene.

Corona SDK] How to load or restart current scene myData 1234 composer gotoScene RestartDummy options Corona SDK] How to design.

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Corona SDK: Restart, Pause and select Level Menu the pause button an overlay appears with 3 options 95 event target yScale 0 95 storyboard gotoScene.

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