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Light platinum trade pokemon.

AmpharosJapanese: デンリュウ Denryuu) is a Electric type Pokémon introduced in Generation II.

Ralts pokemon description, moves, effectiveness in battle, attacks, more., locations, stats, evolution , images Get the latest cheats, hints, hacks, tips, , walkthroughs for Pokemon Platinum on., FAQs, guides, tricks, downloads, codes, hints, unlockables, glitches, Easter eggs

LanturnJapanese: ランターン Rantaan) is a Water Electric type Pokémon introduced in Generation II

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This post shows you Pokemon Trading Details in Pokemon Light Platinum and how to trade them. Trade 1 Location: Inhore City Pokemon's: Spinarak fo Scytherwith Metal Coat) Trade 2 Location: Seanport City Pokemon's: Carvanha for Seadrawith Dragon Scale) Trade 3 Location:.

Mar 16, 2012 PL-1. Introduction Sequence==== Starts off just as any other Pokemon game, an introduction, boy/girl and name.

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Download Pokemon Light Platinum, a GBA Rom Hack by Wesley FG, Latest Version: Plus Final Version, patched and ready to play.

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